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Why use Perrella Virtual Tours LLC?

Why use us is a very good question! 1st we are a husband and wife team which means you get 2 people working the tour/ photo shoot instead of one. We have worked together for over 16 years! April is just a "fanatic" about photography. She lives and breathes it, everything to her is a moment to capture. She is never caught without her camera(s). She is also known by our family and friends as the "paparazzi"! Its in her blood and she loves what she does. Mike has ran a Painting and Home Improvement Company for over 14 years, so if you have any questions etc. that is house related he can help answer them for you. It all boils down to our passion for this industry. 

 We are Tampa Bay area (Florida) based and will provide you with excellent customer service.
 We are full-time professional photographers. (We do not sub-contract our work out.)
 We specialize in real estate photography.
 We use only high-quality equipment and techniques for homes and businesses.
 Our photography looks professional and real, not animated or over edited and we do not misrepresent the property.

 Our tours are 100% MLS compliant.

 We are "affilated" with

 We do what  we are instructed to do and we do what we say were going to do.

 We have a quick turn around, usually same day! 

 We are on time, and if for some reason we are held up by traffic etc. we will make a courtesy call to you to let you know we are running a few mins late. Never will we leave you high and dry.

Thank you,

April and Mike Perrella